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YouTube mashup display fixytmashupfixThe b2 corrects the embed code to open YouTube videos instead of play with API
Xid Resource Locatorxid-locatorThis sys admin and course tool allows a user to look up a file in the Content Collection by searching on XiD. It returns information about the file, including it's full path.
XCourseEmailxcourseemailThis building block will create a course tool which will display email addresses and course id for all active courses for a specific instructor. This allows instructors to create email communication or collect addresses for all courses in a semester.
WordPress Integration Kitwct-wordpressTakes Blackboard users to a WordPress blog and logs them in automatically. The blog can also link to and embed content from the Blackboard content repository (a.k.a., file manager).
Who's Onlinesen-whosonlineThis Blackboard based building block displays Who's Online in a Blackboard system.
Welcome module for custom tabswelcomemoduleThe Welcome module is an add-on for the Community System which provides the "Welcome, [firstname]" header to any (custom) tab.
WebnerNewProjectwebnerTest project
WebCT ProxyToolboxproxytoolboxThis PowerLink provides a framework within which separate tools can be made available to users via a single proxy tool instance. A tool can be any functionality; three tools are provided with the toolbox and users can write their own to be added.
WebCT Proxy Tool RegistryptregistryDo you have deployable components which need a permanent storage area for simple data values? The Proxy Tool Registry provides a simple utility to add this functionality to your tool.
WebCT Data Access ObjectswebctdaoThis package provides PowerLinks developers with access to data objects relating to users and learning contexts. The initial release is equivalent to the com.webct.platform.sdkext.authmoduledata available from Blackboard (but with known bugs fixed).
WebCT CE/Vista CAS SSO Modulewct-casThis code is an inbound authentication module that allows organizations to use the CAS protocol as a Single Sign-On system for WebCT Vista.
WebCT and QM Perception integrationconnect2qmpThis PowerLink allows an assessment hosted by QuestionMark Perception to be accessed directly from a WebCT section. User details are passed securely to the Perception server so there is no need for users to be pre-registered or for them to log in.
WebCT and MediaWiki Integrationmw_vistaThis PowerLink allows a Section Designer to automatically create and manager wiki spaces in MediaWiki, adding links to these spaces within WebCT. User accounts are automatically added to the wiki when staff and students connect. The code incorporates ‘farming’ of wiki sites which allow common source code to be shared between each MediaWiki instance.
WebCT and Confluence integrationconfluencessoThis PowerLink allows a Section Designer to automatically create and manager wiki spaces in Confluence, adding links to these spaces within WebCT. User accounts are automatically added to the wiki when staff and students connect.
Web Appointment Scheduling SystemwassWASS is a web based appointment scheduling system. WASS allows people to create calendars on which they indicate their availability for appointments. People can then access those calendars and make appointments. WASS includes an email notification and reminder facility, as well as iCal synchronization with local calendars (e.g., Outlook). WASS can be used by faculty and deans to schedule office hours or advising appointments. It can also be used to schedule tryouts. Appointments or meetings with any person, place or thing which is available for limited periods of time can be scheduled through WASS. The system is entirely web-based.
wct_basicltiwct-basicltiThis PowerLink provides a mechanism for connecting WebCT with any tool supporting Basic LTI.
Vista MyBlackboard Portletwct-jsr168JSR-168 Compliant MyBlackboard Portlet - for use with any JSR-168 compliant system. This module is designed to demonstrate how to integrate Vista into a WebISO & JSR-168 (aka Java Portlets) environment.
Velocity Inspector Developers' PowerLinkvinspectorAre you a PowerLinks developer needing to inspect system properties or objects? Are you developing applications using Velocity templates? Then this PowerLink is just what you need for your development server!
Unread Course MessagesunreadmsgsA module (institutional and course) that lists courses (and links to Inbox) with unread messages and lists up to three most recent messages with direct link to the message.
Unenroll Toolbb-unenrollGives users the possibility to unenroll themselves from a course. An instructor can set if the user will be removed or disabled.
Twitter Widgetau-x-twitterAllows Instructors to add twitter widgets to modules with out requiring special access to HTML or JavaScript entitlements. For communities users, also provides a portal module which can be localized per each active language pack
Twitter MashupbbtwittermashupAllow course builders to include an item in any content area with specific Twitter feed.
TwittertwitterProvides a lightweight (ajax-based) Blackboard 9 portal module which displays tweets. It is designed so that it has minimal impact on the underlying Blackboard server
Turnitin PowerLinkturnitinThe Turnitin PowerLink gives Blackboard CE/Vista users access to Turnitin’s suite of learning tools including Plagiarism Prevention and GradeMark™, all without leaving the CE/Vista environment. Integrating with Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention system makes identifying unoriginal work easy. The Turnitin PowerLink also lets instructors grade student papers within CE/Vista using GradeMark, Turnitin’s revolutionary online grading system.
Talis AspireaspireThis building block can be used with the Talis Aspire reading list application. It defines a course tool that can be added to the Table of Contents (or placed in a content folder) and a module that gathers together all an individuals lists. A module is also available to use in a course (and that only display the list for that course --- if a list is available)
Swinburne User ManagerswinusermanagerUser management Building block that allows user management privileges to be restricted by role.
Student View Building BlockstudentviewA Building block for allowing teachers to view their course site as a student.
Student Identity VerificationacxiomPowerLiks and Building Blocks to integrate the assessment process in BB and WebCT to an API that calls a third party student identity verification solution. www.acxiom.com/168166/Identity_Verification_to_Support_Academic_Integrity
SpACE: Spatial Activities in Course EnvspaceThe SpACE (Spatial Activities in Course Environments) project combines map data using Google Maps with related content and resources. It can be used for a wide range of activities, including walking tours, field trips, locations of distance students.
Software plagiarism plug inmosssubmitA system to gather source code assignments prior to submitting to Stanford's MOSS (Measure Of Software Similarity) server to check for plagiarism.
Snapshot File GeneratorssgenXML configurable and extensible application for generating files for and running the Blackboard snapshot process.
SMS IntegrationsmsAn attempt to integrate SMS with Blackboard, allowing the user to configure provider details. One of the first providers that will be used is the UK JISC SMS service.
Smart Content UploadingintelliloadSoliciting feedback from the community on the need for developing a standards based tool that can intelligently leverage an institutions data repositories and related tools within the LMS.
SirsiDynix My Library Account B2sdlibaccThis Leeds Beckett University developed Building Block uses the SirsiDynix API and Web Services to securely access and embed a user's Library Account information in a course or in the communities section. There is an optional PERL Script that can be used to look up a user's PIN if that authentication mechanism is used.
Simple SIS Auto UploadersisfeeduploadSimple upload of SIS feed files. This processes each feed file and then report on the process before uploading the next file. Organize your feed files in folders with integration options including delete feed file on processed. Can be used on Windows or Linux clients. Auto setup is available for clients running MSSQL. Oracle function will come soon.
Simple Active File ExchangesafetoolFinally a SAFE content container for students to use!
SIMILE Timeline Building Blockbb-simileOne of the strengths of Web 2.0 is its capability to usefully visualize information. This project allows an instructor to create a visual timeline of events to relay chronological information to students and embed it within her/his course.
Sign-up ToolsignupA custom content type, which allows students to sign up to events (e.g. tutorials) where places are limited. Instructors can add and remove users and use the list to populate new or existing groups in Blackboard.
Shibboleth Auth ModulewctshibThe Shibboleth authentication module validates the incoming Shibboleth ticket, sets the Vista/CE username to the username (net ID) that Shibboleth provides, and redirects the user to the My Blackboard page.
Shared Secret WebServices Authenticationwct-webservauthThis is an authentication module to allow webservices to log in as any user, based on the use of a shared secret string.
Shared Secret SSO Authenticationsso-in-sharedBlackboard Custom Authentication Module that implements a Generic inbound Single Sign On mehanism based on a shared secret.
Self EnrollmentselfenrollThis project aims to enable drop-in access to any course for e.g. library staff and other central support teams.
Screencast.com Jing mashupjingmashupBlackboard 9.1 Jing mashup
Sample Mavenized Blackboard Blockmavenized_bbbThis sample is a good starting point for mavenized Block development!
RSS Modulewct-rssThis Authentication Module fetches RSS feeds, transforms them to HTML, and displays them in a new window.
Rosemary Reigle12345sStudents are to review a minimum of 2 peer essays and offer feedback in the form a mark up using MS Word Review Tool.
RichURLbb-richurlBlackboard building block that produces a link to an external system which can include parameters of the Blackboard context, such as username, e-mail, etc.
REST VLE restvleThis project provides a REST interface to VLE services.
Remove My EnrollmentselfunenrollThis B2 provides a module that lists all of a user's self-enrollment courses in a module with a Remove button next to each, allowing a user to remove themselves from a self-enrollment course. It also uses schema.xml to create a DB table that is used as an audit trail for tracking users as they remove their enrollments. It's built using the Spring Tool Suite MVC framework.
Remote Deploy Building Blockremote-deployA building block for secure remote deployment of blackboard building blocks

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